All you need to organise our Escape Game in your own home !

Scarlet, Amber, Sam and Colin are a collection of academics, adventurers and long time friends. Together, after years of research and planning, they embark on a perilous expedition to retrieve the lost treasure of Alexander the Great. Tragically, during the course of this mission, by a wicked turn of events, the beautiful Scarlet disappears, never to be seen again… The rest of the team, hopeless, broken by this loss, abandon their quest and go their own ways…   


Preparation Required: ✦✦✧

Set-up Time: ✦✦✧

No. Riddles/Puzzles: 15

Game Time: ≈ 2h (for 1 player)

Category: Grown-ups

No. of Players: 1 and more

Download the game Master's notes to have a preview of what the prep and set-up required will be

          This is our original scenario, highly recommended if you want to plan something special for someone's birthday/anniversary or special occasion!

This game involves a little bit of preparatory work as well as the use of 4 rooms and some equipment from your home. The result is an immersive experience fully integrated into your home that is sure to impress your player(s). 

You, as Game Master, will guide your detective(s) around the house following a series of clues to investigate murders and disappearances through a variety of media, logical thinking and a bit of good old-fashioned searching!


Top tip: A great way of making this game extra special is to hide a present for your player(s) in the final clue cupboard.

  • 1 small suitcase (or bag)

  • 1 backpack 

  • 1 laptop

  • 1 usb stick

  • Pen and Paper

  • 1 Empty/old bottle of wine/Alcohol.

  • 1 vacuum cleaner tube

  • 1 Lamps with lampshade

  • 1 set blinds/curtains

  • 1 jacket 

  • 1 wallet

  • Access to 4 rooms

  • 1 framed painting/picture

  • Candles (optional)

Equipment Needed

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Equipment Provided