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       All you need to organise our Escape Game in your own home !

The Charlton Boys are a band of robbers formed in East London who are thought to have been involved in several recent high profile thefts from some of the most secure locations all over Europe and beyond. Museums seem to house their favourite targets. Nobody knows when or where the gang will strike until it is too late and another precious artifact is missing...


Preparation Required: None

Set-up Time: ✦✧✧

No. Riddles/Puzzles: 16

Game Time: ≈ 1h30

Category: Grown-ups

No. of Players: 1 or more

Download the game Master's notes to have a preview of what the set-up required will be

       Our newest game is designed to be set up quickly but also interact with your home so that it feels designed for your space. It should take you no more than 15 minutes from opening your Esca'box to beginning the game.


      Works with 1-4 players but perhaps ideal for 2-3 detectives and involves clues on different media. Smart phones are not only allowed but perhaps necessary.

       You, as Game Master, will follow our simple set-up instructions and as such will have an insight into the flow of the game; but that won't stop you from being able to play along since much of the game content will be hidden even from you! (as such, try not to look too closely at the Equipment Provided!)

1 bag, 1 jacket, 1 Waste Paper bin, 1 Lamp, 1 Oven, 1 Sofa

Equipment Needed

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Equipment Provided