Frequently Asked Questions


What age category are the Games Tailored for?

Depends on the game: we have one for Kids but the other scenarios are thought of and conceived for " grown ups and young adults". But we highly recommend doing them with the entire family and getting  involved: there's something for everyone.

How long will it take for my Esca'box to be delivered?

You can choose the delivery method at check out: Standard (3-4 days) or Express (1-2 days)

A clue doesn't work in my home, or I'm not sure what I should to do, what now?

Give us a shout! We can provide some ideas, and we'd be very happy to hear from you.

How long does it take to complete the game?

It depends on the game and the amount of players involved. We aim for our main games to last between 1 and 2 hours for a single player (less if you are playing as a team).  For the Kids game, feedback has placed it at about 45 min.

What is you Privacy Policy?

You can download our privacy policy, simply CLICK HERE

Is everything I need for the Game in the box?

You'll need to combine some elements from your home (sofa, jacket, bags...) with the equipment provided in the Esca'box. Check the "Equipment needed" section on individual games for more info.

Why do I need extra things in my home

We've found interacting with elements in your home makes the experience more immersive. We take care, in each game, to only use items found in everyone's home. If there is something you don't have at home: get in touch, we'll find an alternative/solution for you.

I already have one Game, can I re-use some of the items for another Game?

Although our games have few interchangeable parts, some items could be re-used. Get in touch for more information.