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All you need to ENJOY our Treasure Hunt Game in your own Home


Zeus calls upon two of his children: the twins Artemis and Apollo to join him on Mount Olympus: he has something to give them. The siblings need the help of Hermes,

God of Travels, to fly them up to Olympus using his famous winged shoes...


Preparation Required: ✦✧✧

Set-up Time: ✦✧✧

No. Riddles/Puzzles: 10

Game Time: ≈ 45min 

Category: KIDS

No. of Players: 1 or more

Download the game Master's notes to have a preview of what the set-up required will be

  • Pen and Paper

  • 1 bag or backpack

  • Double sided tape or staple.

  • Sofa

  • Plant

  • Mirror

Equipment Needed

     This game was specially designed for children and follows a more linear form with simpler puzzles and challenges in a more typical treasure hunt style of play. It can be set up in a matter of minutes with very little preparatory work.


     You as Game Master will take on the role of Hermes, messenger to the Gods. Your players will play as Apollo or Artemis (or any favourite Hero) and follow a series of rhyming clues from the Gods themselves ending up in a perfect place to hide a little gift of your choosing. All with a little bit of learning along the way. (Dressing up is HIGHLY encouraged ツ )

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Equipment Provided