Image by John Price
Image by John Price



Each Box is unique : 


Join us on our Games pages to find your perfect Esca'box: some come ready to unpack and play, others make more use of your entire home and will have you more involved in the set-up. There is something to suit every one !



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Escapades Games take elements from escape rooms, treasure hunts and murder mystery games to create fun and challenging experiences. Our Games are designed to fit into your own space and create  truly original and PERFECT presents for your friends or loved ones.

Where to start?

      Our aim is to bring you that Escape room thrill from the comfort of your own home, Each game is Hand Crafted and Assembled in our Home and delivered to yours.

 Step 1:  Browse our Games list to see what tickles your fancy

Step 2: Order your chosen Esca'box securely through our online shop.

Step 3: Receive your Esca'box and follow the instructions therein to set up the game

Step 4: Become the Gamesmaster, host an awesome experience and be a legend!

Step 5: Review, Reset and Re-order: The game can be replayed as many times as you like – and if you enjoyed the game let us know by leaving a review or by buying another!